Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Northwest Indiana

Vinyl car wraps are a great, affordable way to change the appearance of your car or vehicle. Atomic Wraps, based in Northwest Indiana, is the premier car wrap provider in the region. Our vinyl wraps are made from premium quality car wrap films available in countless colors and styles. Whether you want a full car wrap or a partial car wrap, we can style your wrap in whatever way you desire.

Give us a call today and let our designers and installation experts create and install a custom vehicle wrap for you. We use only the highest quality materials from 3M and Avery Dennison

What is a Vinyl Car Wrap?

A vinyl vehicle wrap is durable, easy to install, flexible, and fully customizable. When installed correctly, a vinyl car wrap can look just as good as a new paint job while protecting the vehicle’s exterior in the process.

Installing a vinyl vehicle wrap to your vehicle is known as wrapping and it provides two primary benefits. First, is it protects the exterior of your vehicle keeping it’s paint and finish safe from the weather and more. Second,  you can fully customize the outward appearance of your car for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, if your custom vinyl wrap is damaged in any way, it can be easily and cost effectively replaced.

Different ways to Wrap your Car

There are several different ways to wrap your car or truck. The vinyl is installed one section at a time so you have total control over how much of your vehicle is covered. Here are a couple popular styles…

Full Vehicle Wrap

A full wrap is a great way to provide complete protection for the entire exterior of your vehicle. With a full vehicle wrap, you’re covering the entire body of the vehicle with a vinyl wrap.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial car wrap is a great way to change the appearance of your car. With a partial vehicle wrap, you’re only covering a piece of the vehicle in a vinyl wrap. This is a great way to customize your vehicle if you’re working on a budget or if you’re just looking to provide an accent on your vehicle.

Roof Wraps

A roof wrap is a style of vinyl car wrap where only the roof of the vehicle is wrapped. Adding an accent color to the roof of your car or truck creates an interesting look to your vehicle.

Hood Wraps

Another popular vehicle wrap option is the hood wrap. With this style, you can choose to add carbon fiber or another pattern to give your vehicle a more sporty or aggressive appearance.

Bumper Wraps

Installing a vinyl wrap to the bumpers of your vehicle helps protect two of the most commonly damage parts of your vehicle. You can choose to keep the color and style neutral or you could opt to personalize it a bit more to create a unique appearance.

Fender Wraps

Fender wraps are another common way to make your vehicle stand out from others on the road. Whether you choose to go with a solid color or a pattern, fender wraps are a great way to protect your fenders and personalize your car or truck

Grille Wraps

Grille wraps are smaller and more subtle but sometimes that’s just what you need to give your car the appearance you’re looking for. Chrome deletes are a common choice in wrapping the grille of a vehicle as usually the grille is one of the largest chromed areas on a car or truck.

Rims Only

Yes, you can also wrap the rims of your vehicle in vinyl. Rims are another common target in chrome deletes. By installing a vinyl wrap you can reserve the option to unwrap the rims later on to show the chrome again.

Tailgate Wraps

Tailgates are very simple to wrap and offer the perfect space to add some character to your truck. Adding a custom vinyl wrap to your truck’s tailgate protects it from mild wear and tear while also giving your truck a unique look on the roads.