Northwest Indiana Interior Auto Detailing

Those who appreciate a truly clean vehicle know the value of having your car or truck professionally detailed. Often times car owners don’t have the time or resources to be able to clean the interior of their car with the level of detail that a professional can. If you’ve been missing that new car smell for a while and would like a quote on car interior detailing or truck interior detailing, give Atomic Wraps a call today!

Our Auto Detailing Process

At Atomic Wraps, we make the interior auto detailing process as easy as it can be. If you’re curious about how much it costs to get your vehicle’s interior detailed, give us a call or get a hassle free quote by filling out our quote form. Otherwise, the process is simple…

1. Schedule your appointment
You will schedule your interior auto detailing appointment with one of our skilled professionals. They will help you set a time and date for your appointment as well as let you know what you can do to prepare for your appointment.

2. Drop off your vehicle
The day of your appointment, you’ll drop your vehicle off at Atomic Wraps. One of our interior detailers will take your keys and your vehicle and pull it into our garage to begin their work. This process can take a couple hours usually so you’ll probably want to make sure you have someone who can pick you up and drop you back off.

3. We detail the interior of your vehicle
We get to work detailing the interior of your car immediately. Our interior detailers use professional grade shampoos to ensure that your vehicle’s carpets and cloth surfaces smell like new. They apply protectants to surfaces that take frequent abuse from use or the sun to make sure they stay in good condition.

4. We inform you your vehicle is ready to be picked up
Once your car is ready to be picked up, your interior detail specialist will give you a call to let you know. We’ll pull your car or truck out of the garage and back into our parking lot.

5. You pick up your newly cleaned vehicle
When you pick up your car or truck, make sure to inspect everything to make sure you’re satisfied. If you have any questions, you can ask the interior detail specialist who cleaned your car.

6. Breathe in that new car smell
Enjoy your newly cleaned car, refer us to your friends, and give us a call when you need your vehicle cleaned again!

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Benefits of Detailing the Interior of your Car or Truck

Most car owners don’t even realize how dirty and messy their car has gotten until it’s been cleaned and they can see the difference. Everyone knows there’s nothing nicer than hopping into a clean car that smells great, it can be difficult to find the time to clean your car yourself though. That’s where the professionals at Atomic Wraps come in. There are numerous benefits to having your car professionally detailed.

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Keeps the interior of your vehicle looking and smelling great

Having the inside of your vehicle detailed by a professional ensures that every surface has been cleaned to a high degree. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Protects high traffic surfaces

Shampooing your carpets and seats and polishing your dash and steering wheel can ensure that those surfaces stay in good shape despite the level of use they experience.

Removes Allergens

Fabric seems to hold on to foreign objects like allergens a lot longer than other materials. Having your vehicle’s interior professionally detailed guarantees that these allergens are removed.

Saves Time

Detailing your car to the high level that we do takes time and effort. Our services are cost effective and even better, you don’t have to spend your time and energy cleaning your car.